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Residential Accommodation

About Residential Accommodation

Residential care homes play an important part in meeting people’s care needs.  Some people may need more support than can be provided in their own home depending on physical and emotional needs and their personal and social circumstances.

Guidance on Charging for Residential Accommodation

If you need to go into residential accommodation you may have to make a contribution to the cost of your care.  This section provides information on how Trusts calculate how much you can pay.
  • CRAG 2014 (PDF 741KB)
    This document provides guidance on charging for residential accommodation Amended 2014.
  • Free Personal Care Report (PDF 165KB)
    This report outlines the estimated cost of the introduction of free personal for care home residents. It also examines the cost of a range of alternative amendments to the current charging rules for care home residents.

Guidance on Discharge Protocol

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