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Records Management Policy

Each Organisation should have in place a Records Management Policy defining how it manages all of its records, including electronic records. The policy should be endorsed by the Organisation’s Board and made available to all staff at all levels of the Organisation, both on induction and at regular training.
The policy should provide a mandate for the performance of all records and information management functions.  In particular, it should set out an Organisation’s commitment to create, maintain and manage records and document its principal activities in this respect.
The policy should also:
  • outline the role of records management within the Organisation, and its relationship to the Organisation’s overall strategy;
  • define roles and responsibilities within the Organisation, including the responsibility of individuals to document their actions and decisions in the Organisation’s records, and to dispose of records appropriately when they are no longer required;
  • provide a framework for supporting standards, procedures and guidelines; and
  • indicate the way in which compliance with the policy and its supporting standards, procedures and guidelines will be monitored and maintained.
The policy should be reviewed at least once every two years and if appropriate amended to maintain its currency and relevance.

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