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Information Quality Assurance

It is important that all Organisations train staff appropriately and provide regular update training.  In the context of records management and information quality, Organisations need to ensure that their staff are fully trained in record creation, use and maintenance, including having an understanding of:
  • what they are recording and how it should be recorded;
  • why they are recording it;
  • the need to differentiate fact from opinion and how to represent information supporting the opinion;
  • how to validate information with the patient, client or carers or against other records – to ensure that staff are recording the correct data;
  • how to identify and correct errors – so that staff know how to correct errors and how to report errors if they find them;
  • the use of information – so staff understand what the records are used for (and why timeliness, accuracy and completeness of recording is so important); and
  • how  to update information and add information from other sources.

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