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Statistics & Research

All Statistics & Research for the Department is provided by the Information and Analysis Directorate (IAD).  The Management Group of the Directorate is made up of 5 Principal Statisticians and a Principal Economist.  The Head of the Directorate is the Senior Principal Statistician,  Dr Eugene Mooney.

Official Statistics


Their aim is to provide a high quality service in support of evidence-based decision making through:
  • Provision of relevant, timely and accurate information on the HPSS
  • Objective statistical and economic analyses
  • Monitoring of the preformance of the HPSS
  • Publication/dissemination of reports, bulletins etc.
  • Administration of Departmental Surveys, Registries and Research Budget

What Does the Directorate Offer ?

Information and Analysis Directorate, although part of the Planning and Resources Group of the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, services a wide range of customers.
It is made up of six branches as follows:
  • Economics Branch
  • Project Support Analysis Branch
  • Hospital Information Branch
  • Family Practitioner Services Information & Research Branch
  • Community Information Branch
  • Public Health Information and Research Branch.
Apart from Family Practitioner Services Information and Research Branch, all the branches are sited within the Castle Buildings complex. Family Practitioner Services Information and Research Branch is sited within the Central Services Agency, Adelaide Street, Belfast.  
The information and analysis services provided by the Directorate are outlined below.
  • Information Development
  • Information Quality Assurance
  • Information Dissemination
  • Information Analysis
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