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Merger of Northern Ireland Care Leaver Publications

Following consultation (MS Word 19KB) with and having considered the feedback (MS Word 15KB) received from users' Community Information Branch plan to combine 'Northrn ireland Care Leavers Aged 16 - 18' with 'Northern Ireland Care Leavers Aged 19' to form one publication titled 'Northern Ireland Care Leavers.' The first edition of this new bulletin will be available in this ection of the DHSSPS website in January 2015. Details on the layout and content of the publication are available here (MS Word 15KB).
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This statistical bulletin presents information from the OC3 survey of former care leavers at their 19th birthday. The OC3 survey collects data on the economic activity, contact with social services and living accommodation of young people who have left care. It also includes information on their age and gender, religion, ethnicity, disability, length of last placement in care, legal status and last placement in care.
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