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User Engagement

Effective user engagement is fundamental both to promoting confidence in statistics and securing maximum public value. For this reason Community Information Branch (CIB) wish to be fully informed about the needs of all of our users of statistics in order to reflect these in the programme of work that we draw up. CIB’s business plan will be submitted annually to a Stakeholder Board for discussion and approval (see link below).
It is also important to us that we receive feedback from our users about their experience of our statistics and publications, to ensure that we are providing a quality service which meets the needs of our users. In this section there is a feedback questionnaire which we would encourage users to complete and return to us.

User Feedback

A summary of responses received from completed feedback questionnaires can be viewed via the link below.

A summary of responses from the NISRA Customer Satisfaction Surveys for 2011and 2012 relating to CIB can be viewed via the link below.

Business Planning

It is our intention that our process of business planning will be both systematic and transparent and that our work programme will balance the needs of both our internal stakeholders and the wider user bases commensurate with the resources available. As such we wish to be fully informed about the needs of all of our users of statistics and to reflect these in the programme of work that we draw up for the coming year.
If you would like to input to CIB’s business planning process please contact us.

User Engagement Plan

CIB have produced a User Engagement Plan which details how CIB will engage with internal and external users of our data. This plan can be viewed via the link below.

Internal Engagement

The IAD Stakeholder Group provides a forum to agree the work priorities and objectives for IAD on a 12-monthly basis, and to provide input to the formal Departmental arrangements for reviewing IAD performance. The Group is the main interface between the Department’s policy directorates and IAD.

Regional Information Group

The Department have established a Regional Information Group to facilitate access to information to meet the needs of the Minister and Department. It will identify, prioritise and agree the information needs of the HSCB, PHA, PCC, RQIA and BSO in relation to relevant information to be sourced by the HSCB from the HSC Trusts, and by the PHA. The RIG will ensure the information is provided to agreed standards of timeliness and quality and that arrangements for data collection are sufficient to enable the Department to meets its statutory obligations under the Statistics and Registrations Services Act 2007.

External Engagement

CIB utilized the six-monthly Community Liaison Group (CLG), to engage with key providers and users of community statistics – minutes below. This group has been suspended as the newly formed Community Information Group (chaired by the HSCB) is a monthly discussion forum in which to better engage with stakeholders.
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