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Productivity Measurement

This is a relatively new area of work which feeds into work undertaken by UK Centre for the Measurement of Government Activity (UKCeMGA), which was launched in 2005 in order to take forward the recommendations from the Atkinson Review to improve the measure of Government Output and Productivity. Project Support analysis Branch (PSAB) currently undertakes an annual Cost weighted Activity Index (CWAI) and is in the process of developing various expenditure deflators and quality adjustments to develop a complete measure of Health productivity in NI. This work is also undertaken in conjunction with other Devolved Administrations in the UK and the NI results feed directly into the UK National Accounts ("The Blue Book").
PSAB are also undertaking to monitor HPSS workforce productivity, comparing NI with England and also comparing the 5 new Trusts with each other. In conjunction with colleagues in the Department and DFP, a set of indicators has been agreed which includes, for example, numbers of deaths and discharges per head of staff, A&E activity per head of staff, staffing and skill mix indicators, use of locum staff and staff turnover etc. Monitoring will begin in May 2007. The NI Trust indicators will be collated biannually and the NI v England comparison will take place annually.

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