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Workforce Statistics develop and maintain information, extracted from the Human Resource System, relating to staff employed within the Health and Social Care (HSC) in Northern Ireland. This data is provided by 5 Health and Social Care Trusts, the Ambulance Trust and other organisations within the HSC. Statistical information is used to assist the Department in matters of planning future workforce requirements and productivity. Various workforce statistics are produced on a regular basis and include an annual Workforce Census which gives information about numbers of staff employed by specialism and locations within Health and Social Care.
Also published is the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care (HSC) Workforce Vacancy Survey, now an established survey carried out on a biannual basis.

Statistical Policy Statement on Confidentiality and Access

Current Publications

NI HSC Workforce Census

NI HSC Workforce Key Facts Bulletins

Please note 2008 bulletins have now been revised to include Home Helps from HRM

NI HSC Workforce Vacancy Survey

NI HSC Workforce Vacancies March 2014 (PDF 1.33MB)
NI HSC Workforce Vacancies September 2013 (PDF 1.04MB)
NI HSC Workforce Vacancies March 2013 (PDF 2.53MB)
NI HSC Workforce Vacancies September 2012 (PDF1.32MB)
NI HSC Workforce Vacancies March 2012 (PDF 907KB)

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