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Projects - Modernising Nursing Careers

On 4th September 2006, the Modernising Nursing Careers: Setting the Direction document was published, which includes a number of action points (Modernising Nursing Careers  (PDF 278 KB)).
A UK Coalition Group, chaired by Christine Beasley (Chief Nursing Officer England), consisting of the four UK Chief Nursing Officers and representatives from key stakeholder organisations was established in November 2006. The Coalition Group meets on a quarterly basis.
The purpose of the Coalition Group is to oversee the work streams developed from the action points identified in the Setting the Direction (2006) document. The work streams have been clustered under the following four heading:
A.             Develop a competent and flexible workforce
               Ai    Explore whether changes to the content and level of pre-registration education are needed
              Aii   Map nursing and roles and competences to the NHS Careers Framework
              Aiii  Develop proposals for a competency passport scheme
              Aiv  Review careers paths and educational preparation for specialist and advanced roles  
B.             Update career paths and choices
               Bi    Review career pathways and preparation for nursing in the community focusing on public health long
               term conditions, and acute care and services in the community
              Bii   Review educator roles and encourage career paths between service and education
              Biii  Provide tools to support career choices and navigation
              Biv  UK Chief Nursing Officers to work with new and existing independent sector providers to support modern
              nursing careers
C.             Prepare nurses to lead in a changed healthcare system
               Ci    Health Departments will work with stakeholders to provide information for the profession on nursing
               responsibilities for leading and coordinating care
              Cii   Health departments will work with stakeholders to nurture ability and develop fast track schemes for    
              nurse leaders
D.            Modernise nursing and nursing careers
              Di    Agree & communicate key messages about nursing & nursing careers includinginformation on ‘what
              nurses can do these days’.
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