Services to the Client

Strategic Estate Control, Development and Investment Planning

The preparation of estate control, development and investment plans which provide a long-term strategic framework for the efficient use of the estate in accordance with clients’ service strategies and the undertaking of relevant economic appraisals.

Project Sponsor Support

The provision of advice and direct support to nominated project sponsors by experienced, specialist client representatives, involving the establishment of client requirements, the development of a project methodology, the identification of the need for any consultancy services required, the selection of appropriate consultants, the commissioning and briefing of consultant teams and provision of strategic support throughout the duration of the project.

Project Management Services including Scheme Programming

The provision of project management services as described in the NHS Estates’ Agreement for the appointment of Project Managers. These services include the overall planning, control and co-ordination of a project planning, control and co-ordination of a project from inception to completion with the object of meeting the client’s requirements and ensuring completion on time, within cost and to the required quality standards.

Procurement Strategy

The provision of advice on the selection of the procurement strategy for each project which best meets the specific requirements of clients in terms of time, cost and quality, having regard to the project’s size and complexity, as well as to cost and time constraints, quality issues and risk allocation factors.

Business Case Development and Private Finance Initiative

Advising on or managing on behalf of clients the process of preparing Business Cases with the object of achieving formal approval to preferred options for capital projects, including where appropriate the full testing and development of Private Finance Options.

Estate IT Applications

The provision of support and advice in the development and implementation of estate related information technology applications which would assist in the total management of the estate.

Appointment of Design Team Consultants

The appointment of consultants involving the establishment of suitable terms and conditions of appointment, the management of competitions for appointments, the undertaking of fee negotiations, the agreement of fee claims and validation of invoices for payment.

Land and Property Transactions

The provision of a total client service from preliminary consideration to final settlement on land and property transactions including leases, tenancies, sales, purchases etc.

Specialist Architectural, Engineering and Quantity Surveying Consultancy

The provision of specialist estate related consultancy services to HSS Trusts and other client bodies.


The provision of advice and assistance in the development/provision of training programmes for all levels of staff relevant to the delivery of estate management and development services.

Cost Planning

The preparation of initial estimates for proposed schemes and the setting of budgets against which design developments are monitored, including advice on the capital and running cost implications of alternative design proposals.

Project and Site Inspection Services

The provision of site inspection services by experienced and qualified staff dedicated to ensuring the quality standards of the built estate are maintained and that value for money is achieved in all contract implementation.

Specialist Engineering Services

The provision of an expert testing and technical support service in the specialised areas of sterilisers, diagnostic imaging, laboratory equipment, noise evaluation, gas pollution, electrical load surveys and mains analysis and other estate related matters.

Definition of User Requirements

The establishment in broad terms, during the conceptualisation stage of a scheme, of the functional content required to meet clients’ assessed needs and the exploration of a range of physical planning solutions within which such a functional content could be provided. Subsequently the development of detailed operational policies, schedules of accommodation, room data sheets and other technical requirements in the form of a comprehensive briefing package.

Authorisation Services

The provision of authorisation services to Trust estate staff for high voltage, low voltage and medical gases.
Approved Lists of Consultants and Contractors
The maintenance and management of approved lists of: