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Investors in People - Bronze

Modernisation & Quality and Safety

Vacant: inquiries to Christine Smyth in interim
Phone: (028) 9052 00732
Secretary - Telephone (028) 9052 0728
Email: christine.smyth@dhsspsni.gov.uk

Key areas of responsibility include:

  • providing and/or co-ordinating professional input and advice in relation to Modernisation of Services of Quality and Safety and, associated policy developments, including:
    • Clinical and Social Care Governance;
    • Care Standards;
    • Regulations for regulated services;
    • Review of Complaints Procedure;
    • Controls Assurance and Governance Framework;
    • Safety Framework;
    • Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE);
    • Regional and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA);
    • Adverse Incidents - safety alerts;
    • Serious Adverse Incidents (Adult - Social Care);
    • Guidelines and Audit Implementation Network; and
    • Schemes for the delegation of statutory functions;
  • providing preliminary professional assessment of referrals to statutory list in relation to Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA)
  • providing input in relation to policy development and professional issues with regard to:
    • HPSS Complaints;
    • Guidance on service user, carer and public involvement
    • Health Promotion;
    • HIV/Aids;
    • Sexual Health (Adult); and
    • Women's and gender issues;
  • commissioning PSS Training in the Voluntary Sector, including the allocation and monitoring of funds, training activity and outcomes against PSS Training Strategy priorities;
  • professional advice to other Policy Branches, other Government Departments, Agencies, statutory, voluntary, private sector and community sector organisations, where appropriate; and
  • representing the OSS in a number of DHSSPS and external groupings related to the above areas of work.
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